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Izaak Walton League of America

Action Shooting

York Chapter #67

Upcoming Action Shooting EVents

Our Action Matches are open to the qualified public (see below description of qualified), and we always welcome visitors who just want to watch.

​Action Matches are matches where shooters are shooting with movement in timed stages, using center fire handguns, rifles and shotguns, sometimes separately, sometimes together in succession, and is probably the most fun you can have on the range. Action matches are for experienced competitors only. If you have shot USPSA, IDPA, 3 Gun, Multi-gun, or even our Fun Shoots successfully you’ll probably be OK, but this is not a good match for beginners or people who have never shot any form of competition. You can learn more about this sport bygoing to http://www.yorkpistol.blogspot.com/ 

Three gun, two gun, and pistol action matches are exciting and fast-paced, and require competitors to be extremely familiar with rules and procedures before participating in matches. You shouldn’t think that we don’t welcome new shooters though. We’ll go out of our way to get you involved. If you’ve never seen a real 3 gun match we invite you to come see one (bring eye and ear protection) and introduce yourself. We’ll be happy to answer questions and get you pointed in the right direction. We follow the FNH-USA 3 gun rules, and they are available here.

​Pre-registration is mandatory for all York action matches.  Sign-up for the action/multi-gun matches at York is announced on the blogspot  about 5 days before each match and is required. Email your name, division, and squadding preferences as instructed. You should receive a confirmation email within a day or two. NOTE:  The start times for action matches vary due to weather and match specifics. Match details are available and up-to-the-minute at www.yorkpistol.blogspot.com.  It is always a good idea to check it before coming to the match to see if there have been any changes. If you need info on action/multi-gun shooting at our club email Howard at hkbrt@verizon.net.

Contact: Howard Thompson


For the latest Match results, announcements and news, visit



Funshoots are open the public and we always welcome visitors who just want to watch. 

Our Funshoots are a unique type of shoot. They are designed for almost any shooter, from the novice to the experienced multigunner. Our primary mission is to provide a venue to introduce yourself, your friends and kids to shooting. We don't ask much in the way of equipment, or experience, just that you are safe at all times.

And we are very family friendly. Our funshoots are an accuracy based event, featuring a unique variety of targets and shooting options that accommodate the novice .22 plinker to the pro multigun shooter. The emphasis here is on safety and casual fun. That being said, we always keep options open for the more competitive action multigunner, with movement, timers and pressure, if that is your choice, it is by no means necessary. You have to see this to believe it.Funshoots are open the public and we always welcome visitors who just want to watch. 

You can learn more about our activities by going to
www.yorkpistol.blogspot.comWe usually shoot every 4th Saturday of the month. For more info on these shoots, contact Gary at ghswope@gmail.com