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Izaak Walton League of America

On Sunday, Sept. 9th, the Isaak Walton League of York will host 17th Century re-enactors,

the Twisted Knot Company of Pike and Shotte. As part of their demonstration the company will

fire their cannon, a type used by Maryland colonists against the Susquehannock Indians and

foreign colonial forces.The Company portrays soldiers who used “pike and shot” tactics during

the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, the early American Colonial period, and the English Civil Wars.

They will be appearing at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire throughout October and asked the

IWL for space to rehearse after their summer hiatus. Their demonstration will include matchlock

muskets, pikes (two-handed spears) and classical sword fighting technique.

The demonstrations will be conducted in authentic period dress, including armor.
The event will begin around 1PM and last until 4PM. Visitors will be welcome to ask questions,

handle the weaponry, and interact with the company. The event is open to the public.

To learn more visit the Twisted Knot on Facebook or at

York Chapter #67

From a Members Desk

17th Century Re-Enactment

York County Vet Shoot

will be held at Starview Sportsman’s Association on July 14, 2018.  Starts at noon with lunch, sporting clay shoot, dinner, and door prizes.  It is free to the first 50 York county vets who sign up before June 15.  For more info call Terry Hivner 717-292-2508 or

Bob Hilker 717-225-3081.