Falling Steel​​
Falling Steel matches are very similar to fun shoots with two key differences.  These are timed, and no rimfires are allowed.  There may be between 4 and 6 stages each comprised of 25-35 pieces of steel anywhere from 10 to 25 yards away. 

We allow shooters to use one centerfire firearm, and it may be a pistol or pistol caliber carbine, and occasionally we allow shotguns.  You may shoot as many rounds as required.  Generally it is an individual sport, but at least once a year it will be shot as a two man team event.  All starts are muzzle touching table, so no holsters are required.  

There are many different divisions for types of firearms and whether they have iron sights or optic sights.  No experience is necessary, but pre-registration is required.  Information on pre-registration is generally posted to our blog one week before the match. 

For more info on Falling Steel matches contact Howard at: howard762@gmail.com

PA State Falling Steel Championship

Sunday October 13th, 2019

- The match will consist of 7 stages, 25-35 targets per stage.   

175-200 total.
- All knockdown steel will be used. 
- Squads will be limited to 12 shooters per squad (72 shooters per time slot). If the time slot you requested is filled, you will be notified and given the option to select another one, if available.
- Shooters may shoot in four divisions; however, you must shoot in two different time slots.
- You may shoot as “Single” meaning you shoot by yourself, or as “Team” meaning you and another shooter will be shooting each stage simultaneously.  In theory, each teammate only has half the targets, and each team only pays one entry fee.  $40 per time slot.

Falling Steel

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