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Izaak Walton League of America

Our FunShoots have morphed into a falling steel type shoot. They are designed for almost any shooter, from the novice to the experienced multigunner. Primary guns are pistols and pistol caliber carbines. Yes, .22’s are allowed! This is a casual, freeform shoot requiring little movement, timers or scoring.

Our primary mission is to provide a venue to introduce yourself, your friends and kids to shooting. We are very family friendly!

Our secondary mission is to introduce the interested shooter to the multigun world. We teach the safe handling of multigun transitions, without movement or the pressure of a timer. We are designed to be a training path to compete in club level 3 gun matches.

For either mission, we don't ask much in the way of equipment or experience, just that you are safe at all times. Just bring whatever you have in the safe, and we will be happy to work with you.

Funshoots are open the public and we always welcome visitors who just want to watch. 

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We usually shoot every 1st Saturday of the month. For more info on these shoots, contact Gary at


York Chapter #67

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York IWLA Funshooters