York Chapter #67

Izaak Walton League of America

Grounds & Range Rules



GENERAL RANGE RULES ​​​2024/05/07, REV 5

 Your current IWLA badge must be displayed on your person or on your range bag.
 No driving or parking on ranges except for handicapped shooters
 All shooters must sign the logbook before shooting.
Shooters under the age of 18 must be under direct supervision of an adult.
 No shots fired before 7AM Monday through Saturday, or 9AM Sunday.
 Eye and ear protection strongly recommended.
 Treat every gun as if it were loaded.
 No broadhead arrows on any archery range.
 No fully automatic firearms permitted on any range without  approval of the Board of Directors.
 Members may have no more than three (3) guests on any shooting range, and each guest must be under the direct control of the member.
 All ranges are COLD; guns may only be loaded on the firing line. Otherwise, guns should be bagged, cased, flagged, holstered or have their actions open.
 Always load firearms with muzzles pointed downrange in a safe direction towards the backstop
 Pickup and dispose of empty cases, ammunition boxes, used targets, cleaning patches, etc.
 Members may use the Trap Field in the area behind the center trap house.
 Trap Field limited to Low Brass shells only; maximum 3 Dram equivalent; no shot larger than 7.5, maximum 12 Gauge (no 10 Gauge).
Three shooting ranges are available for member use.  From left to right facing target area they are:

        Range 1: 35 yd, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun
        Range 2: 50 yd, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun (slug only)
        Range 3: 100/200 yd, Rifle (Pistol & Shotgun with restrictions)

 Never fire into the ground or over the top of a berm.
  Position targets to avoid hitting the ground, target frames, support structures, side berms, or block walls.
 Each range operates independently.  Firing may continue on one range while shooters are downrange on another.
Obey other shooters' command to CEASE FIRE and do not handle guns when people are downrange.
 DO NOT shoot frangible targets, such as glass or cans.  Clay birds are acceptable.
Shooters may need to supply their own target stands to use Range 1.
 Shotguns may be patterned on Range 1 using any load; use of patterning board on Trap Field limited to trap loads.
 All firing on Range 3 must be from the pavilion area.
Steel targets may only be used on shooting ranges in accordance with posted regulations.
 Report any injuries, damage to facilities or shots leaving the ranges to Board of Directors
 Ranges are under video surveillance.  Misuse of ranges, unsafe gun handling, and destruction of club property (such as using club tables as target stands) may result in disciplinary action by the Board of Directors.


 General use of club grounds and facilities is for members, and their guests only.
 General club hours for members and guests are dawn to dusk, except for Board approved events.
 Range hours are 7AM to dusk, Monday through Saturday, and 9AM to dusk on Sunday.
 Your current IWLA #67 badge must be displayed on your person.
 Children under 18 years of age must be supervised by an adult at all times.
 Members may have up to six (6) guests on club grounds, except shooting ranges which are limited to
three (3) guests per member.
 Illegal use of drugs is prohibited on club property.
 Alcohol may only be consumed inside the clubhouse at Board approved events.
 The “open carry” of firearms on the club grounds is prohibited unless authorized by the Board.
 Motor vehicles may only drive on roadways.
 The speed limit for all roads is TEN (10) MPH.
 No driving or parking on any range or the trap field
 No parking within 100 feet of the playground area.
 Hiking trails are for foot traffic only. No bicycles, horses, or motorized vehicles of any kind.
 No Hunting anywhere on club property.
 Club property may be used for dog training consistent with Pennsylvania State Game Code.
 Pets must be under the owner’s control at all times, and owners must clean up after their pets.
 Do not pick wildflowers or damage trees, shrubs or other flora.
 Do not drive golf balls, or launch or throw other potentially dangerous projectiles such as boomerangs,
lawn darts, etc.
 NO LITTERING. Place all debris in proper receptacles.
 Do not throw trash, table waste or wash water into the stream.
 Camping is permitted in the designated area only with the approval of the Board.
 Trenching around tents or other digging on club grounds is prohibited.
 Be careful with fire.  No open fires except in designated areas.
 Turn off pavilion lights when not in use.
 No swimming in Lake Tonian
 Swim or wade in the creek at your own risk.
 All Pennsylvania fishing regulations apply throughout the club except for club rules relating to use of
bait and harvest in Lake Tonian.
 The East Branch of the Codorus Creek flowing through the club grounds is a designated Trout stream
and may be fished by anyone in accordance with PA regulations.
 Fishing in Lake Tonian is restricted to members and their immediate family only.
 Lake Tonian is open to fishing year-round except when ice covered.
 No ice skating or ice fishing on Lake Tonian. KEEP OFF THE ICE.
 Limit one rod per person.
 No live bait in Lake Tonian except for the use of redworms by youth under 13 years old. No
 Do not introduce any fish, reptile, amphibian, bird, or other animal or plant species into Lake Tonian.
 Do not engage in horseplay on dock or around lakeshore.
 Do not use watercraft of any kind on Lake Tonian.
 Obey all posted regulations at archery ranges, shooting ranges and the trap field.