York Chapter #67

Izaak Walton League of America

Grounds & Range Rules




  • Your current IWLA badge must be displayed on your person
  • ​No shooting prior to 7am, Monday through Saturday, nor before 9am on Sunday
  • ​Eye and ear protection strongly recommended
  • ​Treat every gun as if it were loaded
  • All shooters must sign into log book before shooting
  • ​​Shooters under the age of 18 must be under direct supervision of an adult
  • Members may have only three guests and are responsible for their behavior
  • All ranges are cold-except when firing. 
  • Firearms must be bagged, cased, holstered or have their actions open and be pointed in a safe direction
  • Range designation from left to right, range 1, range 2, and range 3.
  • Each cold range is independent of every other – firing may continue on one range while shooters are downrange on another.
  • Load firearms with muzzles pointed towards the backstop
  • Obey another shooters cease fire.
  • Place targets so the frames and uprights are not shot into.
  • Do not shoot at frangible targets – ie glass and tin cans
  • Steel targets must be shot on ranges 1 and 2 at distances no less than 11 yards.
  • Pickup and dispose of empty cases, ammunition boxes, cleaning patches etc.
  • All firing on range 3 will be from the bench area.
  • Shotguns may be patterned on range 1 only
  • No driving on ranges except for handicapped shooters
  • No fully automatic firearms on any ranges
  • Report any injuries, damage to facilities or shots leaving the ranges to Board of directors
  • Willful misuse of ranges or unsafe gun handling will be reviewed and penalties levied by the board of directors.
  • ​All open sighted handguns, all open sighted muzzleloaders and open sighted slug guns must be fired from benches 1 and 2 on range 3, at the AB target only. 
  • Thank you for your cooperation, BOD


  • The use and/or sale of beer, drugs or alcoholic beverages is positively prohibited.
  • Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Drive on roads only.
  • Ten (10) MPH speed limit for all roads.
  • Trails are for foot traffic only. Snowmobiles, minibikes, bicycles or similar conveyances are prohibited.
  • Do not pick wildflowers.
  • Do not desecrate trees, shrubs or other flora.
  • Do not drive golf balls on the grounds.
  • Do not throw boomerangs.
  • Do not throw trash, table wastes or wash water into the stream.
  • Place all debris in proper receptacles.
  • No Hunting. This is a game refuge and dog training area.
  • Do be careful with fire.  No open fires except in designated areas.
  • No pets permitted in the picnic, swimming and playground area.  Pets are to be kept on a leash in camping area.
  • No parking within 100 feet of the playground area.
  • Turn off shelter and all other lights when leaving.
  • ​Swim at your own risk
  • Camping permitted in designated area only.
  • Trenching of tents prohibited.
  • Fishing in the lake is restricted to members and their immediate family only.
  • Fishing in the lake is permitted all year round, and all PA fishing regulations must be met.
  • Limit one rod per person.
  • Worms are the only live bait allowed when fishing in the lake.
  • Do not introduce fish of any kind to Waltonian Lake.
  • Do not use watercraft of any kind on lake.
  • Do not engage in horseplay on dock or around lakeshore.
  • Swimming prohibited in lake.
  • Ice skate at your own risk.
  • Shooting range rule are posted at shooting ranges.