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The spring/summer of 2020 has been different to say the least. The heat has kept myself away from the pond to keep the stress levels as low as possible for the fish. We had bluegill spawning taking place at least twice this year, although it was only because of fish location that I am saying that; I saw very few spawning beds and very little to no recruitment like we saw last year. The largemouth bass however were very successful with their spawn as witnessed by numerous beds and very large fry schools around the pond. 

The bluegill continue to impress those "lucky" enough to catch them. For the first time since we started the Trophy Panfish Management program, we are seeing multiple year class catches. This is good, as the recruitment classes that are needed to replace the older fish are starting to fall into place. Treat those "small" fish you catch today carefully, as they are the trophies you will be catching in a few years. 

We will be starting a new feature section this month to spotlight member catches from the pond. This month's entry is showcasing Jacob LaPorta, age 8. He came with his brother and father in hopes of catching a few catfish. His father and I conversed about the possibility of the pond being devoid of any fishable catfish population, but that is was possible to catch either a channel or bullhead catfish. My comment to him was, "Once your boy catches one of the trophy bluegill in the pond, he will forget all about catfishing." From what Rich LaPorta shared with me, Jacob may still be talking about his trophy catch! 

The best part, 2nd only to the memory made and his HUGE smile, is that this fish is still swimming in the pond. The management regulation of releasing ALL bluegill and crappie back into the pond allows another angler to share the same experience and joy in catching this outstanding bluegill.
The air temperatures are going to start dropping soon and that means the fishing is going to start heating up. Over the course of the next few months will be some of the most rewarding time to enjoy what we have to offer from our little puddle.
Enjoy the time outside!

- Zig

Lake Tonian