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October has proven to be a fantastic month at the pond. Even though the water level is dangerously low, the water temperatures are coming down and the fish have started moving around to the more accessible areas again. Largemouth bass are being caught on suspending jerkbaits in the 2-3.5" range, spinnerbaits, and short plastic baits presented on 1/8oz. and lighter jigs. Smaller fish have been 2-3ft. in open water along the southern shoreline, with larger fish being caught in and around the blowdowns along the northern shore. 

The panfish are being caught on small hair jigs suspended under a float, bounced along the bottom, or with small (1.5") swimbaits. The panfish are scattered, so covering a lot of water is necessary for good catch rates. 
There has been a very consistent topwater feeding happening every evening about 45 minutes before dusk. An angler presenting dry flys would be able to have a very productive evening. 

There have been documented bass caught reaching the 16.5" mark this month, along with a few 15" fish. This is one of many improvements we're seeing from the pond since the new management plan has been put into effect. The quality of the largemouth bass has improved in both length and weight (relative weights of 100-121% recorded). Until further notice, we ask that you continue to remove all bass under 13". Bass 13" and larger are to be returned to the pond as panfish management devices. While it may be challenging to release the largest bass you've caught at the pond, remember that this action will continue to improve the quality of bass in the pond.

All panfish will continue to be catch and release as well. This fishery has also shown improvements with a few young bluegill, previously completely missing from the pond being caught. There will be a supplemental stocking of bluegill in the pond the first week of November. This stocking is designed to fill the missing age classes within the bluegill fishery. 

We will also be adding fathead minnows to the pond in an attempt to establish another self-sustaining food source for the bass, crappie, and bluegill.
The pictures this month show the quality of the largemouth bass and bluegill being caught. We have started to see a shift from crayfish to YOY bluegill in the stomach contents of the bass. Surprisingly, it appears that the bass <10" are the ones keying in on the bluegill. Stomachs have been empty in the bass 10.5-12.5". There has been egg development documented in numerous female bass as well. We saw an early spawn in 2019, it appears there may be another in 2020 if the weather presents the right conditions.

Looking forward to seeing the tight lines!

Lake Tonian