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Greg Zeigler

Izaak Walton League of America

York Chapter #67

​It has been a quiet month around the pond. We haven’t heard of any catches or seen any pictures from the membership. I’m as much to blame as it’s been a month since I’ve fished the waterway. Even though the weather has turned colder (and the wind has increased), I’m certain the fish are still feeding heavily for the upcoming cold water period. 

The regulations will continue as: ALL panfish are catch and release. ALL largemouth bass 13” and over are catch and release, and ALL largemouth bass LESS THAN 13” are to be removed. 

This month’s spotlight shines on a brother/sister team. Hannah and Noah Yost were “caught” helping control our bass population and enjoying the trophy bluegill fishing this summer. Hannah learned how to ID each fish as well as how to properly hold a bass. Noah had no problem letting his sister do the handling of the fish for pictures!

- Zig

Lake Tonian